2018-2019 Apex Australia National Board

national board 2018-19

Welcome to the National Board area. Here you can learn about our Directors, the places in which they live, their various roles and achievements in Apex, personal facts and other information that gives you an insight into who helps guide and make important decisions for our Association.


Neal Molineaux, national PRESIDENT


I have been a member of South Wagga Apex since 1997 and have held numerous club board positions, including President and Secretary multiple times, across 12 years. I was Regional Communicator in 2014 and have been on National Board for the past 4 years, 1 year as the Regional Communicator Coordinator and 3 years as National Secretary.


I have been around Apex since my youth, and have very fond childhood memories of Apex, what it did for disadvantaged people and the great times I had with other Apex kids, some of whom are still friends to this day. When I was inducted into Apex at age 18, I started to understand that Apex was way more than chopping wood for the old man opposite the pub, annual maintenance trips to the Apex Magic Castle at Smiggins Hole and going on family camps waterskiing. I realised that Apex contributed enormously to well known charities like Guide Dogs, and not only assisted those in our own backyards but in developing countries as well.


Not only has Apex opened my world to something that you would not experience anywhere else, but through the opportunities Apex has provided, I have been able to develop skills I use daily in my current occupation. Without Apex it’s fair to say I wouldn’t be where I am today. I believe Apex has helped build my character and skills, which have allowed me to confidently contribute at both Club and National level. With the skills and lessons learnt through Apex thus far, I look forward to tackling the upcoming challenges and continue to guide this great association in the year ahead for the benefit of future Apexians.


Leon Budden, national Secretary

I joined Apex in Whyalla in 2002, and have been part of the Gawler Apex Club since 2007, I have held a range of positions at a club level such as President, Treasurer and Secretary. The great thing about our club is that we are greater than the sum or our parts and our differences enable us to achieve more. I served as Regional Communicator for Region 12 in 2016-2017. I'm married with two children and I work as a solicitor in my own practice. I enjoy being on National Board as it enables me to support the vision of grass roots clubs. The beauty of Apex is that you can achieve anything you want to, you can decide to raise money and there are people who are willing to help you. Everyone finds meaning in their own way, either through the altruistic service, the friendships made, or the balance between the two. 



david sloss, national treasurer

I have been a member of the Goondiwindi Apex Club since 2005, a fantastic young and social club. At a club level I have been President, Service Director and Social Director, and in 2016-2017 I was Regional Communicator. I am a Real Estate agent, and I am married with one wonderful daughter. I love travelling to overseas conventions, I've been to five, I find different cultures fascinating. The thing that I love about Apex is that everything you put into it, you get out three-fold. You make friends for life all over the country and the world, who all have a sense of bettering the community. 


michael godfrey, NATIOnal Projects and committees

I've been a member of the Wongan Hills Apex Club since 2003. Wongan Hills only has 900 people, but have a good hard working group of members who get in and get the job done. I enjoy being on National Board as I'm not scared of responsibility and I like being able to foster people's ideas at a national level. I'm proud to be part of Apex because of everything that we have achieved across the country and around the world. 


Bethany Paterson, national communications

I have been a member of the Kadina Apex Club since 2011 and have held various club positions including President, Secretary and Newsletter Editor. My father is a life member of Apex and he and his Apexian friends were my childhood heroes. Our club continues their legacy of a health mixture of fun, fellowship and making a tangible difference in the community. When I'm not doing things for Apex I am a clinical psychologist in my own practice, and I have a husband, two sons, 3 step-daughters and 7 grandchildren who call me 'granny'. A place on the National Board gives me the opportunity to give back to the organisation that has given so much to me and my family, and I'm looking forward to making a meaningful contribution at a National level. 


Adam Stewart, National Regional Communicator Coordinator

I have been an active member of the Toowoomba Apex Club since 2011 and have held a range of roles. Toowoomba Apex Club has had a long history in strong membership numbers and also significant service projects. I have received so much positive benefit from Apex and it is heart-warming to receive thanks from people, particularly when you are serving disadvantaged people in the community. One of my most satisfying achievements was coordinating the Tour of Toowoomba national event, which was the cycling equivalent of the V8 supercars coming to town. I believe that Apex offers a lot to people, particularly around learning how you can give back to your local community, along with the value of learning meeting procedure. I am currently self-employed as the Principal and Senior Financial Adviser at Financial Life and I also serve on boards within my profession. I am very positive about Apex and its future in this country and I believe that with strong leadership on the board we can see Apex not only continue but grow but prosper into a greater future.


LIAM SCOTT, Legal and compliance 

Profile TBA




Craig Martin, Bursary Manager 

I was invited along to Toowoomba Apex in 2008, the same year our club hosted the National Convention, so a month after joining I was driving buses, helping to run events and making new Apex friends from all over the country. I have held many positions in the club including Secretary and President. In 2012 I was District Governor and in 2014 I joined the National Board as the National International Relations Officer. During my time in Apex I have attended overseas conventions, which have been fantastic times and I have created life-long friendships in Australia and all over Asia. I feel fortunate to experience different cultures, often staying in the homes of Apex friends and living like a local. This led me to my position as Bursary Manager. The Overseas Bursary Scheme in the Philippines is now in its 42nd year. With seven clubs in the Philippines assisting currently 32 scholars, the relationship between the two Apex countries continues to grow stronger every year. The Lombok, Indonesia Bursary is now in its second year and our current volunteer teacher has a direct impact on English teaching for 30 overseas teachers and approximately 700 students. I look forward to continuing this year on National Board with such an enthusiastic and positive group of Apexians.


 Brendan Hardy, National Awards and Grants 

I have been a member of the Toowoomba Apex Club since 2014 and in that time, I have come to love everything about our organisation. Service clubs have been in my blood since high school, with my mother being a member of Rotary. In 2015/2016 I took up the board position of dinner notice editor and set my sights on becoming more involved in the club and the local community. In 2016 I was honoured to receive the National Best First Year Apexian.

If there is one thing that has really rung true for me since joining Apex it's the saying "there are no strangers in Apex, only friends you haven't met yet” and being around other Apexians really does bring out the best in us. Going to interclubs and conventions and hearing each other’s stories, experiences and fundraising ideas spur us on to want to achieve even more from our time in this organisation. It’s my first year on National but I have realised that being a part of Apex means that help is never far away. I feel very honoured to be representing the Toowoomba Club and all of the clubs within the association at a national level and look forward to putting in 110% to achieve my goals for the year.



 Moses Abraham, Immediate Past President 

I have been a member of the Apex Club of Chinchilla since 2003 and have held the position of Club President, Treasurer and held numerous club director portfolios for 12 years. I served as Regional Communicator for my region in 2014-15. I am a vehicle sales consultant, the proud father of one daughter Jemima and the instigator of the Road Trippin' Hat.