2022-2023 Apex Australia National Board

national board 2022 - 2023

Welcome to the National Board area. Here you can learn about our Directors, the places in which they live, their various roles and achievements in Apex, personal facts and other information that gives you an insight into who helps guide and make important decisions for our Association.


  Simon grant, national President

I joined apex in 2011 after a discussion with a friend about the good things that I could see being done in the community. For me, Apex has been a fantastic way to get involved in my local community at Beaufort. Apex has opened up so many doors for me personally through the already formed relationships and networks that previously existed due to the good work of Apexians past and present. Just by being an Apexian you are signalling that you are prepared to give back to the community and that you are up for a challenge and people respect that. I have I particularly enjoyed meeting people from all over Australia and one of the great things that we can experience is attending a National Convention. Next year in Bundaberg will be my 6th National Convention and I'm looking forward to seeing old and new friends alike. Now, after my first year on National board I am really excited about the future of Apex and the direction that we are heading as an organisation and I encourage all Apexians to consider a role as a regional coordinator or national board director.


  Emma Jackson, national secretary

I am an active member of the Apex Club of Geraldton, enjoying the hands-on support we provide our local community. I have held the executive positions of secretary and president within my club, been the Regional Coordinator for zone 14 and I am currently the Chair of the WA Civilian Widows Trust, managed through the Apex Foundation. I throughly enjoyed being part of National Board last year, and am excited to take on the role of secretray and be part of such an awesome team.

When I am not volunteering with Apex I enjoy playing Roller Derby and work as a senior spatial analyst for a marine science consultancy.

Professionally I have worked across the not-for-profit, government and private sectors in a wide range of roles which has seen me manage volunteers and researchers, implement new systems to manage data and increase organisational efficiency, attract thousands of dollars in grant funding, facilitate workshops and deliver training. I look forward to putting these skills to work in my current role on the Apex National Board.


 Ben Curnow, national treasurer

I have been a member of the Beaufort Apex Club in Victoria since the beginning of 2016. Since my induction I have been President twice and Treasurer 3 times. I also served 1 term as the Regional Communicator for Region 9, which I loved. Recently I was the National Communications Director and have now moved to National Treasurer.

I live in a little town named Amphitheatre, quiet from the noise of the outside world. I have a beautiful wife, Elisha and a cutie of a daughter, Charlotte.

In my professional life I’ve spent 15 years in Primary Education and have strong expertise in educational leadership. I now run my own Gardening and Home Services Business and volunteer with the local CFA. Apex has benefited me immensely and I encourage all Apexians to explore Apex beyond the great things they do at club level. This Association has so much to offer and the more you give the greater the returns will be.


  Gavin Mingay, national office manager

I have been a member of the Apex Club of Toowoomba for almost nine years. During those years I have fulfilled almost all roles on the Board of our club, including Service Director, Secretary, Treasurer and President, plus a few other minor roles.

For almost two years, I was the Regional Communicator for Region 3 and I have recently become the Regional Communicator for Region 4. These roles have been challenging due to limited resources, distance and communication difficulties, but I feel progress is being achieved. My aim is to see more inter-club assistance and interaction, as there are many smaller clubs around Australia that need assistance. It would be wonderful to see the stronger clubs stepping up to assist the smaller clubs, as I believe this would contribute to the growth of Apex.

I earn my living as a pharmacist by day and am a massive sports enthusiast. Through both of these, I am able to contribute to my community in many ways, but I would relish the chance to contribute to the building of Apex Australia into an even more amazing organisation. I am very grateful for all that Apex has given me over the years and I would love to assist others in gaining the same benefits.


 Tara Spotswood, Regional Communicator Coordinator

I joined Apex in 2014 after a difficult period, as well as losing my Event Planning Business due to the Bundaberg 2013 floods. One of my employees had a father who was a life member and lived and breathed Apex. I agreed to attend a meeting, after many invitations, and as they say “the rest is history”. Apex has encouraged me step out of my comfort zone and pushed me to pursue many more ventures both professionally and personally.

One thing that I have learnt over the past years is that Apex is ‘hands on’ and we need to stay in touch with all of our clubs and fellow Apexians. We are all in this together and are here to help each other become the best we can be. I have been fortunate to travel and visit many Clubs and with the help of my predecessor and mentor Adam Stewart, I aim to keep up the wonderful tradition of road tripping and interclub visits.

When I am not doing Apex, I am a part time teachers Aid, as well as secretary for my partner’s business. Two children of my own and two step children keep me on my toes, however I would not change any of it. My children do not have many stories that I hear them telling their friends or teachers that do not involve Apex in one way or another.


 Craig Martin LM, international relations Manager

I was invited along to Toowoomba Apex in 2008, the same year our club hosted the National Convention, so a month after joining I was driving buses, helping to run events and making new Apex friends from all over the country. I have held many positions in the club including Secretary and President. Now officially TBO, I was awarded Senior Active and in July 2022 was awarded Life Membership.

In 2012 I was District Governor and in 2014 I joined the National Board as the National International Relations Officer. During my time in Apex I have attended overseas conventions, which have been fantastic times and I have created life-long friendships in Australia and all over Asia. I feel fortunate to experience different cultures, often staying in the homes of Apex friends and living like a local. This led me to my position as Bursary Manager. The Overseas Bursary Scheme in the Philippines is now in its 42nd year. With seven clubs in the Philippines assisting currently 32 scholars, the relationship between the two Apex countries continues to grow stronger every year. This year I am back in the IR role and have officially handed over the Bursary to Greg after 8 years. I look forward to continuing this year on National Board with such an enthusiastic and positive group of Apexians.



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Tyson Campbell, National Membership & Culture

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Daniel Lascelles, National Communications

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Luke Corkett, RCC Support & Training Manager

I was invited to Albury Apex in 2015. Shortly after joining I was the only member left in town as the crew was completing service in Cambodia. Upon their arrival home, I heard the stories and saw the positive impact Apex could make in any community.

Some of the highlights I have had in Albury Apex was seeing members have their kids involved with service projects then being inducted after turning 18. I was offered the role of Regional Communicator and it is a role I haven’t been in a hurry to hand over. I enjoy getting on the road and meeting with other clubs across region 6, and seeing the service projects and fundraisers they host. I have applied my management experience to the RC role and I am now involved with the training program for all Regional Communicators so everyone can get a positive outcome from their time as an RC.

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