Apex Foundation

The Apex Foundation improves the quality of life of Australians who have special needs. The main beneficiaries are children - Australia's future.

The Foundation achieves this by managing various trust established by service schemes initiated by Apex Australia. A company limited by guarantee, it acts as Trustee over investment funds contributed over decades by thousands of Apex volunteers and donors. The Foundation has governance, management and allocation responsbilities over the trusts and their grants programs. Grants are awarded on the basis of clear and transparent eligibility criteria. Recipients are governed by the rules of the trust. Individuals, Apex Clubs, charitable institutions and world-class researchers have benefited from valuable assistance in past years. The Apex Foundation does not receive direct Government funding - it remains an example of Australians helping other Australians in a spirit of good citizenship and community engagement. You can go to www.apexfoundation.org.au for more information.

The Apex Foundation, chaired by Stephen Bigarelli, is managed by a honorary board of 7 elected directors plus an independent director and a nominee of Apex Australia. Appointing a professional investment manager to invest funds in accordance with authorised trustee guidelines, the Foundation closely monitors these funds to ensure that the High Security/Low Risk requirements of The Apex Foundation trust deeds are maintained.