Apex - Apex 40's

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Apex 40 branches are generally based around a local Apex Club, District or Zone. These Branches are autonomous. Some meet monthly, others less regularly, but all with a view to maintaining and fostering friendships, and occasionally providing assistance to local Apex Clubs.


Apex - Press Releases

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We don't seek to make Apex the story - but focus on the volunteers, causes and beneficiaries. Local, State and National Apex leaders are always keen to get their successful projects and initiatives wider recognition. Apex welcomes your feedback on our media engagement.


Apex - Our Alumni

12 Nov 2015 2:51 PMLicensee PersonApex - Our Alumni

Our Alumni are a list of everyday Australians who have made a creditable contribution to the quality of life we enjoy today.


Apex - Our History

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Over the past seven decades, Apex has chartered more than 1,000 local groups and more than 200,000 younger Australians have learnt key skills whilst making a practical contribution to the common good. Apex's three founders, Ewan Laird, Langham Proud and John Buchan were motivated by a simple creed: citizenship, fellowship and service.


Apex - Apex Foundation

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The Apex Foundation improves the quality of life of Australians who have special needs. The main beneficiaries are children - Australia's future.



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We have helped more than 200,000 younger Australians make a difference to their community, learn valued skills and make great friends. The Apex story is one of fun, fellowship and friendship. We offer you the opportunity to give others a fair go, practical help and positive role models to reach their own potential. Its Apex, Its Australian!

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