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Apex Australia survives through the strength of its members, with over 140 clubs and 2000+ members, and many thousands more past Active, Lfe and Senior active members.

The Ideals of the Association are the creed that Apex members follow in this unique brand of volunteerism, and have been doing so since Apex was first created by three young Geelong architects, who wanted to simply make a difference in their community.

Apexians make a difference to their communities through living the idelas of Citizenship, Service and Fellowship. Apex is a lot of hard work, and many individuals Apexians commit hundreds of service hours each year to various community projects.

Nevertheless, Apex is also about fun. Members often say that they join for the opportunity to make a difference...but they stay due to the great friendships that are forged. Once in Apex, always an Apexian!


How Can I Help

Becoming a member of Apex will allow you to join a family of like-minded individuals, who give of themselves freely for little or no benefit in return. Apex membership means making a difference and being a part of a team that gets involved in your community, and tacles larger social issues as part of the Association of Apex Clubs.

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New Members

New members are the lifeblood of any organisation and the Apex Clubs of Australia are no different.

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Our Partners

Apex Australia has many business that support its operation through Insurance, Administration, Audit and Event support.

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