Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Our Alumni are a list of everyday Australians who have made a creditable contribution to the quality of life we enjoy today. They might also include:

a notable business leader such as the late Sir John Buchan (founder of the Buchan Group, former President of the Australia/America Association and Councillor of the City of Melbourne)

celebrated heroic figures such as the late Donald Mackay (Griffith furniture store owner, local political candidate and anti-drugs campaigner)

a quiet achiever in social action such as Frank Beauchamp (the inaugural President of the Guide Dog Association of South Australia)

a leader in community affairs such as the late Joe Ford OAM (former Grand Master of the Machester Unity Friendly Society and President of the Berrima District Historical Society)

politicians such as The Hon John Delzoppo OAM (former Speaker of the Victorian Parliament and leading lay Anglican figure), current NSW Senator John Williams and Rowan Ramsey, current MP for the Federal seat of Grey, SA.

a noted educator such as Professor Graham Swain AM (Fullbright Scholar and former head of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College on Sydney's outskirts)

or local community volunteers like Norm Bloomfield OAM (Molong resident, Life Member of Apex, Australia Day organiser, show society leader and media editor) or Ian Hollindale, Life Member of Apex and the Arch Old Bastard of the Australasian Order of Old Bastards, an organisation dedicated to kids charities and not taking themselves too seriously.