What We Do

Each Apex experience is unique. Some days our volunteers may be working smart on a local project that requires a bit of hard labour and teamwork. On another occasion you might be using the latest technology to get in touch with someone across the other side of the world. Your Apex experience is as individualistic and varied as you are. Clubs are very different: they relate to where people live, work and what interests they have. Each local Apex group gives you the chance to learn more about Australia, yourself, those in need and effective ways that you can help. Your Apex journey can offer you leadership roles supported by top class training, fundraising efforts to create real change in the lives of others, personal development in skills like public speaking and fresh environments where new friends can be made. Are you up to it?




Current Projects

Sausage sizzles, helping the elderly, car rallies, fashion awards, medical research sponsorship, outback education, outreach to the homeless, supporting community events and environmental protection. The list nevers stops growing. Find out more




Success Stories

Examples of what can be achieved by Apexians working in concert with their community. Sometimes a small win - a person helped or a park beautified - and at other times a more substantial improvement in community outcomes, governance or fairness.  Find out more


apex camps

As a registered not for profit charity Apex Camps has a long history of successfully running camps. Our first site – Apex Camp Mudjimba started from humble beginnings in 1983 when a group of civic minded Apexians from the local area wanted to provide the opportunity to engage the local community in the camp experience. Over the years Apex Camp Mudjimba has grown from 1 building to one of the most respected camps on the Sunshine Coast. From those beginnings we then opened Apex Camp Greenup to provide a truly unique bush experience for our groups. In 2013 and 2014 we took over a lease on a Queensland Government Active Recreation Centre on Magnetic Island. We can now offer our guests an unique island adventure on Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville.  Find out more.


 Club Resources

 Tools and manuals for Apex clubs to operate effectively and training for Australian volunteers.  Find out more





Apex runs countless successful projects aimed at building better communities and equipping our youth to thrive and grow.  Find out more